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Money Smart: Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets (Module 11)

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The FDIC Money Smart curriculum consists of 14 modules of financial education content. By completing these modules, you'll come away with practical knowledge, new skills, and resources you can use to manage your finances with confidence! See the full list of modules here.


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Begin Module 11: Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets

The focus of Module 11 is ways to recognize, respond to, and reduce the risks of identity theft, along with strategies for protecting other assets. It consists of three sections:

  • Section 1: Risks to Your Assets
    • Assets and Risks
    • Reducing Risks to Your Assets
  • Section 2: Identity Theft and Fraud
    • Identity Theft Basics
    • Warning Signs of Identity Theft
    • Steps to Minimize Identity Theft
    • Reporting Identity Theft and Getting Help
  • Section 3: Insurance and Record-Keeping
    • How Insurance Works
    • Types of Insurance
    • Getting Insurance
    • Keeping Accurate Records
Finished Module 11? Click here to access Module 12, which is about different types of safe and affordable housing, including specific information on renting.

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