Learn more about local nonprofit and government resources that could help you save money

Salary Finance has partnered with SpringFour to provide access to resources that may be able to help you with your financial needs. SpringFour's curated resources can show you ways that you can save money on things like groceries, rent, or utility bills. 

Trustworthy resources, curated by professionals

Salary Finance is able to provide access to SpringFour's catalog of thousands of social service, government, and community-based organizations that have been carefully evaluated and approved by SpringFour. 

Over a dozen categories of support to fit your needs

SpringFour has resources in over 20 categories including housing support, healthcare, and other essential services, including:

Rental Resources: Web-based tools connect you to safe, affordable housing

Heating & Utility Savings: Local programs provide financial assistance with gas, oil, electric, water and other utilities, as well as weatherization

Childcare: Referrals to affordable and high-quality child care programs in your local community

Food Savings: Local or national nonprofits that provide food that is either free or discounted for those who qualify

Disaster Relief: Information for health, safety, and economic assistance in the event of natural disasters




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