Emergency savings: the new benefit employees are asking for

67% of employees don't have money saved for emergencies or unexpected expenses

People who don’t save money are more likely to be financially stressed, even those who do save some money but do it inconsistently. And, as we’ve learned through all of our research, employees who are financially stressed are at best distracted - and at worst disruptive - to the workplace. 

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Turnkey emergency savings benefit for employers

With Save, we've partnered with a leading financial technology company to offer a high-interest savings account that rewards employees for saving through direct deposit, with no cost and no administrative effort required for the employer.

Rewards employees for saving

With Save, employees get a savings account, are able to link it to their salary, and can benefit from a saving incentive from Salary Finance, with the aim of helping all employees build up to at least $500 in emergency savings.

Makes saving money easier and automatic

Employees can set up their account so that money automatically moves from salary to savings every pay period, making it easier to establish a healthy savings habit that's built to last.

Helps employees be better with money

Save also offers employees market-leading features to help employees better manage their money without hidden fees.