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Salary Finance is a financial wellness platform that's focused on solving the root cause of employee financial stress: a lack of savings, caused by high-cost debt.

Salary Finance is a voluntary benefit, meaning only employees who are interested apply. It's available at no cost and no liability to your employer.

If your employer doesn't offer Salary Finance and you would like them to, fill out the form to the right.

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Interested in getting Salary Finance where you work?




According to our 2019 survey of 10,484 US workers, many are financially stressed, causing anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights.

  • 48% of people are worried about money
  • These employees are 3.4x more likely to suffer from anxiety
  • And 4x more likely to experience depression

This leads to less engaged and less productive employees who are less happy at work.


With Salary Finance, you can pay down existing debt (like credit cards or payday loans) by replacing them with a single, low-interest employee loan repaid directly from your paycheck**.

Repayment is taken automatically through payroll deduction, so you don't have to worry about missing payments. The Salary Finance team also partners with your employer on communication to help make sure employees who need the benefit most are aware of it.



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No-cost voluntary employee benefit

Other lenders have to pay for marketing, fraud, losses, and operations, so they charge higher interest and fees. Since we work directly with the employer, we spend less on those things and can pass that advantage on to employees through lower interest, no fees, and more savings.
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Easy to implement and administer ongoing

We'll work directly with your employer to launch the Salary Finance benefit, which only takes a few weeks. It's integrated with your employer's payroll process, which allows repayments to be taken directly from salary**.

"I was at a loss with a situation that I was having to deal with on my own. My company I worked for partnered with Salary Finance to offer relief to us in need. I applied hoping for the best. Got approved and payroll deduction. A win, win."

"I now have a chance to build my credit without all of the ridiculous interest and fees other services entail. I am super happy with Salary Finance."

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If you'd like your employer to offer Salary Finance as a voluntary benefit, fill out the form at the top of this page and we'll reach out to your HR team.